5 reasons for workers comp insurance in Georgia

You have started your business and secured the commercial property and liability insurance, but do you need Workers Compensation Insurance in Georgia?  Here are 5 reasons businesses should carry Workers Compensation insurance:
  1. If you have employees who are not owners of the company, most states require you carry Workers Compensation.  Penalties for not carrying this coverage where mandatory can be very expensive.
  2. Companies who do not carry Workers Compensation Insurance will not be looked at favorable to customers or perspective employees, and they may choose not to do business with you unless you do.
  3. As a business owner, you are responsible for employees who are injured or made ill on the job.  Workers with an injury claim may have to take legal action against your business to recover medical expenses and lost wages. This could have devastating financial consequences for any company. With this coverage, your business will be protected financially from lawsuits and legal fees in the event of an employee claim. 
  4. Your company’s benefit package will be more attractive and beneficial to employees. Benefits under a Workers Compensation Insurance policy include coverages for medical care, rehabilitation services, some lost wages, temporary or permanent disability benefits, and death benefits in a covered employment claim.
  5. Coverage could extend to an uninsured contractor or subcontractor who is injured while working on a project for your company.
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