Workers Comp Insurance in Georgia

Starting or running a business can have its ups and downs, but making sure you have the right insurance can provide you and your employees the assurance that there will be coverage in the event something happens.  Whether your Georgia business is big or small, you will probably need Workers’ Compensation Insurance.  As an employer, you are liable under most states’ compensations laws for employees who have been injured or made ill on the job.  Even if your state does not require Workers’ Compensation Insurance, your customers might choose to only do business with you when you carry it.   

Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers medical care, rehabilitation services, death benefits, disability benefits, and some lost wages.   Coverage might also extend to an uninsured contractor or subcontractor if injured while doing work for your company.  Having this type of insurance allows your employees to rest assured they will be able to recover from a work-related injury, and gives you the peace of mind knowing this is accomplished without the complexity of a lawsuit.
Workers’ Compensation Insurance can be expensive and premiums can be increased or decreased based on factors such as risk, safety history, whether health insurance is offered, and employees payroll. 

Please don’t hesitate to call our office with questions or a fast and easy quote.  Our Georgia workers comp specialists can help you find the best policy to protect your business at an affordable price.