All About Commerical Auto Insurance in Georgia

Businesses with vehicles that are registered as owned by the company or driven by the owner, or an employee, are best covered under a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy in Georgia.  Basic coverages on this type of policy may include Liability coverage for medical expenses and property damage in an at fault accident, Uninsured Motorists coverage for your vehicle in the event the other driver is at fault and is not carrying insurance, and Personal Injury Protection to pay for medical expenses if your driver is injured. 

Collision coverage pays for property damage to your vehicle, and Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages other than a collision such as from theft, vandalism, flood, fire, hail, or other covered perils. Towing and rental reimbursement can also be considered as an added coverage on your policy. Coverages may also extent to your equipment used in the business or your business itself.  If your vehicle is used to haul tools or equipment, tows a trailer used in the business, or transports products or people, your business may be at a higher risk factor on a daily basis for damages and possible law suits. 

You can customize your Commercial Auto Insurance Policy in Georgia by considering higher Liability Limits or a Combined Single Limit. Our licensed agents at Leigh Shirley Insurance Agency can help explain the eligibilities, definitions, coverages, exclusions, and limits.  There are many different options and our agents are experienced in helping you find the best insurance coverage for your vehicles.