Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Georgia? Written by Leigh Shirley Insurance Agency on Apr 23, 2017

You will probably need Commercial Auto Insurance in Georgia if you can answer yes to any of the following questions.

  • Is the vehicle titled in the business name?
  • Is the vehicle driven by the business owner or an employee?
  • Is the vehicle used for business purposes?
  • Does the vehicle haul business tools or equipment?
  • Does the vehicle tow a trailer used in the business?
  • Is the vehicle used to transport products or people?</...




Benefits of Business Owners Insurance in Georgia Written by Leigh Shirley Insurance Agency on Mar 15, 2017

There are a lot of different options when insuring your business in Georgia and at  Leigh Shirley Insurance Agency  we are here to help you sort through them and decide which package will best suit your needs and budget.

Whether your business is big or small, unexpected events can happen which will potentially affect the financial stability of your business, and possibly your personal life.  Having the proper insurance in place can give you the peace of mind ...




All About Commerical Auto Insurance in Georgia Written by Leigh Shirley Insurance Agency on Feb 19, 2017

Businesses with vehicles that are registered as owned by the company or driven by the owner, or an employee, are best covered under a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy in Georgia.  Basic coverages on this type of policy may include Liability coverage for medical expenses and property damage in an at fault accident, Uninsured Motorists coverage for your vehicle in the event the other driver is at fault and is not carrying insurance, and Personal Injury Protection to pay for medical expenses if ...




General Liability Insurance for Small Businesses in Georgia Written by Leigh Shirley Insurance Agency on Jan 7, 2017

Large and small businesses alike always have the risk of unexpected expenses that can occur from an accident or mistake which results in injury or property damage. Small business owners in Georgia have General Liability Insurance to protect them from lawsuits resulting from damages or injuries that occur on- site or as a result of using goods or services sold by your company.  Small businesses are not immune from expenses which arise from possible lawsuits. 

These expenses can dramatically affect the ...




Commercial Vehicle Insurance Myths in Georgia Written by Leigh Shirley Insurance Agency on Dec 9, 2016

Your commercial vehicles are what keep your business running & knowing the facts about their insurance is essential for you to be protected.
Myth:  You must pay your premium up front.
Fact:  Many insurance companies let you pay a small initial payment and continue with installments.  This may leave funds available for other expenses throughout the year.
Myth:  You may cancel your insurance during the off-season.
Fact:  You may not save money ...